Thorough diagnostic services in Glen Waverley

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At Glenvale Veterinary Clinic, if a physical examination and history does not provide sufficient information to make a diagnosis in your unwell pet, we provide services to expand the health examination.

  • Imaging with x-rays and ultrasound
    Both these procedures allow improved understanding of internal organ abnormalities as well as various bone and tooth disorders.
  • Laboratory testing of blood, urine and faeces
    our in house diagnostic equipment allows most laboratory tests to be done on site which gives rapid results and thereby permits earlier diagnosis and treatment.
  • Blood pressure monitoring
    this is a routine procedure during anesthesia to allow intervention if blood pressure gets too low. High blood pressure (hypertension) often occurs in cats and dogs with partial kidney failure and in hyperthyroid cats.
  • Tonometry for intraocular pressure measurement
    Glaucoma (high pressure inside the eye) is very painful and causes blindness. Early detection allows treatment to control this disease and prevent loss of sight.
  • Blood oxygen and cardiac monitoring
    This is routine with all anesthetic and surgical procedures and is helpful in assessing diseases of the heart and respiratory tract.

Our in-house diagnostic testing means we get fast turnaround of results which in turn means we can start effective treatment earlier, thus minimizing your pets suffering. 

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Pet Blood Tests

Sometimes we need to test the blood of your pet to check for infection, the health of your pets’ organs or to assess the nature or extent of your pets’ injury. Our in-house diagnostic testing gives us the opportunity to get rapid results which then provides the information to permit prompt onset of objective treatment.

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