Respectful pet burials and cremation in Glen Waverley

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Saying goodbye to your pet

When your family pet reaches that time when quality of life is compromised, it can be a stressful time for both you and your pet. To make a decision on ending the life of a pet that has provided unconditional love to you and has been your faithful companion is very, very difficult.

The feelings of sadness, grief, anger, self question, remorse, anxiety and depression can be overwhelming at the time and for months afterwards. Talking to your friends and talking to the staff at Glenvale can ease this burden.

Grief is a natural process, it is normal to be upset for many days and weeks and to intermittently cry. With time, the pain of loss subsides and the memories of happy times return.

The personal decision to bury or cremate is a service that Glenvale can provide.

Where is euthanasia done?

Glenvale Veterinary Clinic can visit your family home, or you can bring your pet to a quiet, isolated area in the clinic. We encourage you to be with your pet at this time to show it your love and affection to help keep it calm and aid in the grieving process for the family. However, we respect your decision if you choose not to be present.
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Burial and cremation options

Your pet can then be buried at your home, or we can arrange a burial for you. Cremation can also be organised through Pets Memorial Gardens or Edenhills Pet Crematorium. During the grieving process you might feel upset, saddened and emotionally drained – after all, your pet has given you unconditional love and was very much part of the family. Your other pets can also feel grief and may become clingier and search for their lost friend. Getting another pet is very much a personal decision; you may choose to get one straight away or delay it for a while as you come to terms with your loss.

Say goodbye to your pet respectfully by calling Glenvale Veterinary Clinic on 03 9802 9103.

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