Animal Surgery in the Glen Waverley Area

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At Glenvale, we preform most types of animal surgery that your pet may require. Rohan has over 40 years of experience in safe surgical techniques for animals, and has professionally trained nursing/anaesthetic assistants.

Our team performs a range of surgical procedures on a daily basis and provides ongoing advice on home care and wound management and necessary pain control.

Performing animal surgery at a veterinary clinic in the Wantirna area

Bringing your pet for surgery

If your pet is undergoing surgery, there are a few things to consider. Your pet must not have breakfast on the morning of the surgery unless otherwise indicated. This does not apply for very small puppies and kittens that can suffer dangerous drops in blood glucose if fasted for too long. Rabbits also must always have food available up until surgery time.

Before any surgical procedure, we carry out a full physical examination and where necessary will perform blood and urine tests beforehand. Then we can identify underlying problems that a physical examination will not reveal. Glenvale is open at 7:00am for your convenience to allow your pet to be brought for surgery and giving you time to get to work.

Post surgery home care

1. Moist wet food on the day of discharge as the anaesthetic can cause a dry mouth.

2. Confinement to improve wound healing.

3. Protection of the stitches with bitterant spray, elizabethan collar and sometimes bandages.

4. Keep the wound dry- no bathing, swimming and keep any bandages dry.

5. Carefully follow any medication instructions. 

Call today on 03 9802 9103  for more information about our animal surgery in Glen Waverley.

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