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We like to ensure your dog or cat has a healthy skin and coat. When cats and dogs seasonally shed their old coat and grow a new one, often the fur or hair becomes matted which is uncomfortable for the pet and can predispose to skin problems underneath the matted fur and often flies will lay their eggs in this environment and lead to maggot infestation.

Some pets find it uncomfortable to have their coat trimmed and may need sedation to prevent the procedure being unpleasant. At Glenvale , we can safely both groom & clip these pets.

Clipping at Glenvale Veterinary Clinic

At Glenvale Veterinary Clinic, we offer the following basic grooming services for dogs and cats:

  • Clipping
  • Complete shaving
  • Combing out knots or mats
  • Sedation for the above as required

If you would like to have your pet assessed and quoted for a clip, then please contact the clinic. Mats can be unpleasant for your cat or dog and, if left untended for too long, can have serious health implications. Severe mats will generally need to be shaved, as brushing will only pull live hairs out with the dead ones, causing much pain to your pet.

In dogs, both the undercoat and topcoat can become matted, and in extreme cases, can even cut off blood supply to your pet’s extremities. Debris and parasites may also become lodged in the fur, irritating the skin.

To ensure a healthy coat and skin for your pet, just contact us at Glenvale Veterinary Clinic and we’ll do what we can to help.

Call today on 03 9802 9103  for more information about our clipping services in Glen Waverley.

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